Photo credit: Greg Hughes Photography

Photo credit: Greg Hughes Photography

About Me

My name is Stephani and I was born and raised in Fort Wayne (super exciting, I know!) I seriously know all of the fun, obscure places around town. I am married to my best friend and love of my life for OVER 15 years. I got married at the wee age of 19. I didn’t know how to do makeup then, wore a tiara, drank sparkling grape juice, and danced the night away in my clear, plastic chunky shoes. It was like Prom 2.0 (or 4.0 for me. But, whose counting?) I wouldn’t change anything about that! I have 2 awesome preteen boys. (Lord, help me!) I love Jesus with ALL of my heart. My faith is something I stand for on a daily basis and I am not ashamed to call Christ my Savior.

Going places!
I absolutely LOVE traveling to new places, mostly missions trips. Of course, I always bring my camera along with me! I have traveled to NYC, LA, the Bahamas, Guatemala, India, and France. My favorite was France. I would love to go back on a longer term mission trip someday. If I had endless amounts of money and time I would most definitely travel more often.

Drop the donut and give me 20!
I am a personal trainer for Catalyst Fitness here in town. I love health and fitness, so you will find that I will share a lot of tips and workouts on my blog. I have competed in different 3 fitness competitions and am currently working on perfecting the deadlift. I am a certified prenatal and postpartum fitness specialist and am currently working on studying for my certified personal trainer and nutrition specialist exam. I owned and operated a gym and personal training studio with my husband for a hot minute (or a year), until we both realized that running business outside of home like that was extremely difficult for our family, so we decided to shut it down and keep it simple.

The next Joanna Gaines?
I love staging and photographing homes. I have photographed for Oakwood Resort, The Yellow Apartments, Woodcreek Apartments, and a few private homes. I am hoping to expand my staging services here in the in the near future. I’m also CRAZY about home decor and making trash to treasure. I blame that one on my mother.

Artsy Fartsy.
I also have a passion for art, especially re-purposed jewelry design. I created earrings, necklaces, and now wine glass charms out of vintage and vintage inspired pieces. You will find my work at Saving Grace Vintage, Downtown, Fort Wayne. My hopes for 2019 is to get my online boutique up and running, in which you will be able to purchase pieces directly through my website and at home parties.

Ok, finally…my photography style!
My photo style is honestly just all over the place! I would say “eclectic” is the right word but I am also a romantic at heart so I love the details in weddings. But, I am also enjoy candid moments. I prefer to sit back and capture life as it is. You will notice that I don't do a lot of posed or staged photos with a few exceptions. I prefer to allow the photos to speak a story...your story.  As a mom, my most prized photos I have of my boys are the ones where they weren't looking, the ones capturing their life; even the messy parts of life.

All about you!
With a strong eye for detail, an artistic personality, and a kind heart, I do my best to provide the best experience for my clients. Whether it's capturing your big day, or bringing me into your cozy home, I do my best to provide the best experience for you. It’s all about you! I’m just there to capture moments (and maybe do some crowd control, too!)

Interested? Contact me and let's chat.
Let me tell your story.