Photo credit: Greg Hughes Photography

Photo credit: Greg Hughes Photography

About Me

My name is Stephani and I was born and raised in Fort Wayne (super exciting, I know!) I seriously know all of the fun, obscure places around town. 

I absolutely LOVE traveling to new places, mostly missions trips. Of course, I always bring my camera along with me! I have traveled to NYC, LA, the Bahamas, Guatemala, India, and France. My favorite was France. I would love to go back on a longer term mission trip someday.

I am a personal trainer. I own and operate a personal training studio and gym here in Fort Wayne. I love health and fitness, so you will find that I will share a lot of tips and workouts on my blog. I have competed in 3 competitions and I am currently working on my prenatal and postnatal fitness certification.

I love staging and photographing homes. I have photographed for Oakwood Resort, The Yellow Apartments, Woodcreek Apartments, and a few private homes. I am hoping to expand my staging services here in the in the near future. 

My photography style is very simple, photojournalistic style. I prefer to sit back and capture life as it is. You will notice that I don't do a lot of posed or staged photos with a few exceptions. I prefer to allow the photos to speak a story...your story.  As a mom, my most prized photos I have of my boys are the ones where they weren't looking, the ones capturing their life; even the messy parts of life.

With a strong eye for detail, an artistic personality, and a kind heart, I do my best to provide the best experience for my clients. Whether it's capturing your big day, or bringing me into your home. I do my best to provide the best experience for you. 

Interested? Contact me and let's chat.
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