About Me

Hello, friend! I'm Stephani. I have been married for 15 years and have 2 boys, a dog, and a cat. I was born into a family of artists. I grew up around photography. My dad always had a camera in his hand. Whether it was photographing my sister and I in our Halloween costumes my mom made, me the softball field, or performing musicals on stage; he was always there, ready to catch the "perfect shot". I learned everything I know from him and most definitely got my creative side from my parents. I wouldn't be who I am if it weren't for them!

My Style
My style is definitely focused on the art of candid, raw, and real life and not posed photos. Of course, those are important too. But, I feel that my favorite shots I have of my kids are the ones where they aren't looking, when they are playing, acting silly, making mess, and even throwing a fit. Why? Because that's how life is! It's crazy. It's funny. It's messy. That is where memories are created. When you choose me to capture your special day, or allow me to come into your home, you will notice that I just like to sit back and capture life as it is. A lot of times you won't even know that I am there!

Things About Me

-I own a personal training studio and gym (Arrow Fitness) with my husband.
-I have been a licensed hairstylist for almost 12 years.
-I got married when I was 19.
-I am terrified of bats.
-I have competed in 3 bikini competitions.
-I am training for a power lifting meet.
-I have been playing the piano since I was 8 years old.
-I have an obsession with everything vintage!
-I am addicted to iced coffee.
-I love to travel. I love hiking, laying on beach, browsing new towns and shops, and just living life!


Photo credit: Greg Hughes Photography (my dad!)